The Fat Loss Factor Review

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How does the Fat Loss Factor acts to work ?

The Fat Loss Factor program is produced by Dr. Charles Livingston, chiropractic physician and wellness practitioner program.

Dr. Charles believes that the key to weight loss is, detoxifying prepare the body by the liver. The Fat Loss Factor program explains in detail how to go about this detox and says that you can easily lose up to 9 pounds and 3 inches off your waist during this time.

Following the detox phase phase, the program covers in detail what to eat after that to continue to lose fat. This part of the program includes more “fat burning” foods – prioritization of raw and organic foods and reducing the amount of processed foods. It is not a diet so much as a change of lifestyle.

Exercise is also part of the plan, train with three 15 minutes per week. Like many other weight loss programs, the exercise focuses on increasing the muscle itself rather than any cardio or aerobic exercises. More muscle means more calories burned.

Basically, there is nothing new on this program that it’s all well researched nutrition and lifestyle counseling. However, it makes sense together as a step by step process packed and for the price it might be worth having.

One of the most compelling positive points for me is the 8 – week money – back guarantee, which states that if you are not happy you get your money back and keep the program. This is the offer of a man who is very confident in his product.

Who likes to follow a process
Those who know they should but would eat a healthier diet some hints like.

Detoxing is not suitable for everyone. If you have a medical condition, or, or if you are pregnant, then this is probably not for you.

The Complete Fat Loss Factor System Manual
Liver and body cleansing Videos
Grocery list of fat burning foods
Beginners, intermediate and advanced workout exercises
5 x 15-minute sample workout routines (with demonstration animations on the Internet)
Fat loss factor measurement form
Objective guide.
Food diary and exercise log
1 full year of personal email coaching with Dr. Charles.
FREE lifetime updates to the course.

60 meals and shakes recipe book
Video about how the clothes look too thin
Fat Loss Factor Quick Start Video60-Day-Guarantee-10fat loss factor  5


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