Weight Loss with Fat Loss

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the fat loss factor ebook 1When it comes to weight loss and or fat loss, you need to understand a real difference between the two. Most people who want to lose weight as much weight as possible to go on a sort of crash diet in hopes of losing in no time. You drastically reduce calories and too focused on what weight is balanced.

Since the weight is reduced assumed that all or most of the weight lost body fat. They often could not be more wrong. The truth is that if you go on a very low calorie diet, you often end up losing more water and muscle than you do fat.

Very low calorie diets cause you to lose water because when calories your body will dramatically reduce energy by burning glycogen (stored glucose in the liver and muscles) are required. Glycogen holds water, so when it is burned for energy releasing water, which is discharged through urination.

Very low calorie diets forces you to lose muscle mass, because if you cut calories drastically, thus starving away body fat, you also starve away muscle mass.

Between the loss of water and muscle mass, about 75% of the weight you lose is not a minimal calorie diet most likely body fat. Therefore, the weight loss on a very low calorie diet is likely to mislead that.

Losing weight needs to be all about losing body fat. His excess body fat that you see and feel bad and excess body fat makes is exactly what increases the risk for a variety of health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. The best way to lose body fat is to mix a fat loss diet plan fat loss exercise routine.

A fat loss diet plan is dependent on cutting back on calories, not drastically reducing them. It is based on the consumption of certain healthy foods that are less likely to be converted to body fat. A fat loss diet plan is not a temporary means of eating such a diet is that it is a permanent way of eating, which can be followed for life.

A fat loss exercise routine that offers aerobic fitness and strength training will allow you to lose body fat without losing muscle mass. There are also many fitness and health benefits associated with aerobic and strength training.


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