Which weight loss program is right for you?

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For most Americans dieting has become a way of life. At a certain point, one is three of us on a diet. This massive industry rakes in about $ 40 billion a year selling books, food and sports equipment for people who are fighting the battle of the bulge. Of course, what they really sold hope, and often false hope of an accurate

Studies show that only a small sliver of the diet (perhaps as low as 5 percent) able to lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off for more than a year. Most of the gain back all the pounds they shed and then some. Dieters relate to this all too common occurrence as “yo-yo effect” or “diet roller coaster.”

Why did it happen?

Since diets simply do not work! We have decades of evidence support this statement. But instead of poring over the numbers, all you have to do is go outside and use your eyes. Have you noticed how great the people have become in recent decades? The average American man has put on almost 30 pounds since 1960, the average woman has won over £ 24th

The obesity rate for American adults has more than doubled in that time. Worse, it has more than tripled for children and teens! If this is only an aesthetic problem, it would not be. One can and should really accept themselves, whatever they might be. But obese is incredibly unhealthy. In fact, obesity is now the most common cause of preventable death in America, smoking!

As obesity, especially morbid obesity increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Most Americans are aware of this fact. But what many do not realize is that obesity is also strongly linked to other chronic diseases such as arthritis, sleep apnea, and infertility. It can also increase your risk of certain cancers.

Why you should consult a weight loss doctor

As we mentioned before, diets do not work. And the reason why they do not work because they are temporary solutions to a permanent problem. Losing weight by cutting calories and if your diet clearly works. But what happens after you reach your goal weight and go back to your old diet? As expected, you will always gain the weight. The only proven method of rejection, the pounds and keep them off is with the help of an experienced physician weight loss.

Long before soi distant diet gurus offering their weight loss programs for the public, physicians weight loss helped people lose weight. And you know what? They were a hell of a lot better than the Guru. Rather than stupid systems that people absorb too abundant a certain “magic” food dependent, they relied on the actual science. In addition, their diet plans and tailored to the needs of each patient, which makes sense because we lose everything and gain weight differently.

Medical weight loss programs are also much safer and more consistent than diets that are primarily responsible for the so-called “yo-yo effect.” Weight loss doctors who are experienced in this area usually a combination of prescription drugs and supplements along with eating and exercise programs to help their patients win the battle of the bulge.


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